Hand in Hand is dedicated to helping families, carers and brain cancer warriors by providing personalised assistance. We understand that the simple day to day hurdles can be the most challenging. We wish to increase awareness of brain cancer, and provide practical information and community support. Our dream is to continue to inspire hope and support for better futures for our warriors and friends.

Hand in Hand was founded through the dedication of the  family and friends of Michael Oldano. His wife Carolyn had a vision to create an organization which would aid in the support of other families living the same story as Michael’s, and the eventual prevention of brain cancer,

Michael was 40 when he was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme Brain (GBM) cancer and passed away only 7 short months later. He was a small business owner, father, husband and your typical great Aussie mate. His life, and the lives of his family and friends changed in an instant when Michael was diagnosed. Life, as they knew it, would never be the same again.

Financially they had to walk away from their family business. Both were unemployed and Carolyn became Mike’s full-time carer. They were provided with a social worker for the first 6 weeks. After that, they relied heavily on their family and friends for support and assistance.

Through Michaels experience we have learnt that brain cancer is unlike any other. There is little hope in most cases. There are no miracle treatments, minimal access to support groups, and limited financial assistance.



Hand in Hand’s focus for the next 12-18 months is to raise funds to create a childrens book which would outline the expected treatment for brain tumors. It will be written in a non invasive way . The purpose of the book is to help patients and families become familiar with the journey they are about to undertake. Hand in Hand would like to raise enough funds to then be able to give “Mikey Packs” to each child diagnosed with brain cancer. The pack will include the children's story book, Mikey the martian, vouchers , resources and links to brain cancer support services.

There are many brain cancer charities that are research based. Money raised goes directly to research. Hand in Hand is a care based charity. We aim to assist families who need help now.  

Your investment will go directly to the care of people who really need it.

Please read Our Dreams to see what is on the horizon for Hand in Hand in more detail.