At Hand in Hand, our commitment is to those suffering brain cancer and their family and carers.  While we understand that raising money for research is crucial to improving the devastating statistics, our focus is to raise money to help those who need it now.


We would like to share with you some of our dreams and ambitions.


Our original aim was to produce plush Mikey dolls to sell for much needed funds, and also to distribute them not only to children with brain cancer, but also their siblings if needed.  Something to make them smile, and a reminder that they are not alone.  We are proud to say the martians have landed- we are using our contacts made via Facebook, Instagram, our website and word of mouth to get these little guys out to the people that need him the most. Our next step is to work with hospitals treating brain cancer patients to aid in distribution.

We don’t want anyone to miss out.


Our second goal was to write a childrens book to help guide a child (or siblings) through their difficult journey. This will also be an important tool for parents as they try to navigate the family along this difficult path. The vision is a book that is written in a nurturing and child friendly way to help demystify the brain cancer road . We want to produce a story that is filled with love and hope while still being factual. A big ask considering the content. We are working with a team of parents who have travelled this path, as it is important to us that this book is done properly.  During the initial stages of planning we have discovered that the messages we need to share are too diverse for one book, so at this point we will write at least 2 books. Actually, we will write a full series if that’s what it takes to get the job done right.
We are currently in discussion with a wonderful childrens author to work with us on this project.


After the book is finished, we can begin stage 3 of our master plan- to provide every child diagnosed with brain cancer a Mikey care pack. This would include a Mikey doll, the book,  vouchers for financial relief, and contacts and information to aid the families and carers as
they travel their journey.


We have worked out fairly quickly with the support we have so far received that these goals are most definitely achievable and within reach.  We are now able to look further ahead and start focusing on what is important to us at Hand in Hand and what we can do to help those who need it the most. The best way for us to work out what is important and what is currently lacking is by asking the people who are walking the walk, or who have travelled that road. At Hand in Hand we are so lucky to have formed strong bonds with a number of Brain Cancer affected families. We have asked them to think big, and think small, and tell us what it is that would help them out.

These are the things we will focus on.
Here are some of their ideas.

These ideas have now become our dreams.

  • To look after the bigger brain cancer sufferers by way of giving them a weekend away to escape the endless schedule of appointments and treatments
  •  Provide data cards to families who are at hospitals that don’t provide free wifi to patients
  • Work with the hospital car parking companies to provide free parking for families having to stay in hospital or have frequent visits by covering these costs, thereby taking away some of that financial strain.
  • Home blood collection facilities so families do not have to travel to hospital to have bloods taken pre- treatment
  • Provide hospital standard thermometers particularly for families with very young patients
  • Provide hospital standard seizure monitors so parents of young children can sleep easy knowing that they will be alerted if there is any seizure activity
  • Help families by having their car serviced to help combat the thousands of extra kilometers that some families realistically travel now that there are so many hospital visits required.


The list goes on. We have so many basic requests that would help these families. Our next step is spending some time working out which of these we will focus on first.


Lastly, and our biggest dream is this.

To provide adult and child braincare nurses, focusing entirely on Brain cancer and comorbidities such as epilepsy, hydrocephalus and stroke etc. The nurse would have a neuro targeted knowledge base and would be a huge support for families with their knowledge of not only all things medical in relation to brain cancer, but also services and help available outside the hospital system.  To take that pressure off families and have someone who knows the system give advice and guidance would be ideal.

Someone to walk hand in hand and provide guidance and a wealth of knowledge is our big dream.


If  you think you or your business can do even the smallest thing top help us get one step closer to any of our dreams, please contact us on